How to live your organisational values – An interventional plan for growing organisations:

Most organisations and business leaders in the VUCA world struggle, and sometimes fail to have a deeper understanding of their values and align their words and actions in its accordance. A wealth of literature on positive organisational behaviour underlines the significance of higher authenticity and integrity and its impact on deeper employee commitment, lower turnover, superior customer service, and sustainably higher profitability. But the burning question of ‘How to do it?’ still remains unanswered.

This ground-breaking intensive coaching program is based on solid research and reveals the way organisational leaders and followers can improve their performance by living their values, and driving the profitability and overall success of the organisation.

If you are a:

·         Learning and Training department head

·         A member of the Human Resources team

·         Trainer

·         Astute business leader

If you need clarity in implementing your organisational values and measuring them with authentic research-based tools, then this is the right course for you.


Course Modules include:

·         Definition of organisational values

·         Leveraging organisational values to connect dots for effective behaviours

·         Neuroscience of human psychology behind workplace deviance

·         Seven personal antecedents to workplace deviance

·         Three easy steps for moderating workplace deviance

·         Proven Training methodology for living organisational values

·         Making values part of your organisational DNA

·         Leveraging Five impactful tools to measure organisational values effectivity

·         Seven human elements of highly effective etiquette of inclusion

·         Three powerful reasons for the failure of traditional training

·         Research-based approach to build sustainability in your training

As you progress through the modules, you will gain greater and greater confidence in your ability to effectively plan, execute and sustain your training methodology for cultivating organisational values.

Competencies Developed:

Whether you have an idea of your values and the right behaviours or not; the brutal truth is that you, your human resources team and trainers must be more prepared and demonstrate a higher level of understanding and professionalism to keep your teams engaged.


At the conclusion of the training program, your trainers and human resource leaders will learn how to:

·         Correctly define organisational values and ethics

·         Avoid and calculate workplace deviance

·         Leverage research-based practical interventional training methods for living organisational values

·         Execute a sustainability plan for training for living your values

·     Leveraging values to business outcomes

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