Dining Social Etiquette Course
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Duration: 1 Day
Location: Karachi
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Dining Etiquette

Table manners are an everyday example of the old adage ‘ do as would be done by’. The essence of consideration for others may be summed up by our behaviour at the table. Thinking of others before gratifying our own desires is important, as is ensuring that dining companions are not offended by inelegant eating habits. All table manners are based on achieving these twin objectives.

This course teaches you not only how to be an excellent host but how to be the perfect guest and covers all elements of social dining from the invitation all the way through to the thank you note. By the end of the course you will feel confident about circulating at drinks parties, introducing guests to one another and dealing with seating plans, toasts and speeches.

“The dinner table is the center for the teaching and practicing not just of table manners but of conversation, consideration, tolerance, family feeling, and just about all the other accomplishments of polite society…”

Judith Martin

Subjects Covered

  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Table settings and planning
  • Correct eating & dining etiquette
  • Social etiquette and manners
  • Deportment, posture and poise
  • Invitations, RSVPs and thank you cards

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